National Museum Complex Master Plan

National Museum Complex Master Plan

South Korea


A landform is a feature on the Earth’s surface that is part of the various geological formations generated by the tectonic activity. The movement of plates on the Earth has caused the formation and break-up of lands over time. Tectonic plate movement under the Earth creates landforms by pushing up geological stratum. Also, erosion by water and wind gradually deconstruct the land and create landforms.

The site of the masterplanning is located in the part of these processes over a long period of time. The term of ‘Terraforming’ is the main concept of the project as a process of reconstructing its surface, topography, ecology and Earth-shaping. Reconstruction process establishes the new land forms from the Layers of time and memories of the Earth.

Geological Stratum

The site is surrounded by various natural figures generated by the tectonic activity. Reading the site approaches from the geological basis of the land to the physical urban fabrics. The geological typologies and flows in the land are reinterpreted in a multi-dimensional way, to create a new land form providing the natural experience within the Earth like spaces.

The Geum river and the Che creek are main features that create the corner of the land. The erosion by these water flows generate the land and the mountains surrounding, including Jeonwol mountain, the land creates the topography from the hill to the water. As an intermediate territory, the surroundings are interwoven to regenerate the flat land into the dynamic land form. The connection to the Central Park is fundamental to maintain the pedestrian flows and the level differences are used to suggest the active landscape. Also the connection with the Art center and the Urban Symbol Square leads the main structure of the site.

Generation of the landforms

Masterplanning is the process that regenerates the land form. Rather than grand urban gestures, by accumulating a series of micro stratum to actively build upon existing topography on the site, this proposal seek to create a coherent land formation and curious topography. The generating process is rescaling the fragmented cell into the main body of the ground. This accumulated individuality forms the continuous formation as a whole land. The activity of sinking and uplift transforms the generation of the architectural forms.