Emotion Weaver

Wear Your Emotion

Drawing Machine

Collaborated with Suyeon Kwon

Reinterpretation of the individual emotion

Emotion has more than a singular wave. "Emotion Weaver" is custom interface that allows the users to represent the conditions that reflect their emotion onto the emptiness using their mind colours and lines. Individual environments are characterized by shifting relationships between psychological emotion and physical surroundings. The Emotion is represented not as objective scenery but as a complex object with dynamic process that created by operation with circumstances as well as, defined by perception within activities. In this regard, this project ‘Wear Your Emotion’ starts with the reconsideration of the personal emotion, which is regarded as an invisible substance as a background of our individual moment. The developing process will investigate the factors that reflect the new paradigms of emotional scape, such as experience, colourscape, movement and sound, to reinterpret the notion of the emotion. The emotion is not signified by feeling itself, but can be reconsidered as a recomposed reality by participants who operate with the Emotion Weaver. My texts will also explain how every moment emotion reinterprets the relative emotions, also, how it can be transformed from an invisible category into the multidimensional-mental intervention, considering on writings and works of Situationist International  as a background. It reveals that the shape of the emotion with a particular ambience are isolated and repositioned in psychological realm rather than physical relationships, as a psycho geographic map. The process will also focus on how collective emotions of the individuals will be interacted with the other emotions as an accumulated memories. This accumulation is a result of the collective emotions and individualities. The representation of the emotion itself is the soul of individual moment, and this mind mapping process will transformed your emotion through the dynamic methods. The re-understanding of your emotion in your own context provides not only opportunities to investigate the conceptual dialectic of your personality, also what the emotion loses in geometrical space. It realizes the form of psychological and physical mind and the quality of the environment. Its ambience no longer depends on the material factor alone, but on the manner in which they will have been perceived, appreciated and used, on the new way of thinking them. The process of decomposition and recomposition of individual emotion will transform your mind colour and form using multi sensory process.